Sermon Illustrations

In a major city in a large public park, there was a beggar who held out his cup. A businessman enjoying a break was in that same park and watched that beggar. He was a distance behind the beggar and he noticed that everyone passing by put at least a few coins in his cup. Interested in how this beggar was so successful, the businessman came and viewed that beggar from the front. The beggar had a sign next to him, “It’s May and I’m blind.” It was a beautiful May day. The flowers were blooming and the blue birds and red birds were singing, and the sky was a clear blue, and the grass was green, but that beggar didn’t see any of it and so people had pity on him and gave a few coins. Brother and sisters, it is always May to the child of God, and the grass is always green and the sky is always blue and God is always there. One day we are going to be there with him and so we do win and it is Hallelujah Anyway.

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