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Children have a simple way of teaching the profound things of God. The moment my twin girls were born I knew two things immediately: 1) My life was going to be a whole lot more busy and 2) God had something very precious to share with me.

When my girls turned 4 years old, I took them for their first fishing experience. We had a blast that day. I would cast as far as that Snoopy rod would go, and just as quick as the worm sank beneath the surface of the pond, Emma would grab the reel. "Let me do it, Daddy!" So, there I sat, misty eyed and watching two precious lil’ones discovering the joy of worms, hooks and a soft place to sit on a hot summer afternoon.

I looked at my watch and couldn’t believe that the day was about done. "Time to head back, girls," I said. Just as quickly, both Emma and Page said in unison, "No, Daddy! Just one more, Daddy...please!"

I knew what God wanted to share with me at that very moment, "John," God whispered, "Your gonna know...

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