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“Keep On Praying!”

“Though the foe of right oppress,

Keep on praying;

God is ever near to bless,

Keep on praying;

Let not fear your heart appall,

Naught of evil can befall,

Stronger is your God than all.

Keep on praying.

“Pilgrim, have you weary grown?

Keep on praying;

God is still upon the throne,

Keep on praying;

He will hear your faithful cry,

He to help is ever night,

You shall conquer by and by,

Keep on praying.

“Christian, has your faith grown weak?

Keep on praying,

Do the tears roll down your cheek?

Keep on praying,

Soon you nevermore will sigh,

Tears no more shall dim your eye,

Pray to Him who’s ever nigh,

Keep on praying.”

----------------R. A. Smith in Gospel Herald

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