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Zig Ziglar tells of the time he took his young son golfing. The boy was still relatively new to the game, so Zig was very impressed by his son’s performance on one of the par 4 holes.

At the tee, the boy lifted the ball straight and true down the fairway. A second shot got him onto the green within 14 feet of the cup. Wanting his son to succeed, he went to great trouble in sighting the shot for him and gauging the lie of putt and then told his son just how he ought to play it.

His son stepped up to the ball and putted the ball perfectly into the cup just as his father had taught him. His first birdie.

Then it was Zig’s turn. He also had made the green in 2 shots but his putt was far easier. For a moment he considered flubbing the shot so that he would not overshadow his son’s achievement...but then he decided against it because it would go against everything he had taught his son about doing his best. He sank the putt easily and also birdied the hole.

As they were walking away to the next tee, Zig casually asked his son

"Well, son, were you rooting for me on that last shot?"

"Dad," the boy replied, "I always root for you."

(From a sermon by Ken Pell, A Kingdom of Priests (Part 2): Standing in the Gap, 6/21/2010)

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