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I am very grateful for the people who (when I was an 18 year old student) taught me to tithe. At the time they had very little to get out of it - it was a church full of students. Students don’t have very much money - and 10% is not very much, not at all very much. Coupled with that, we were only there for three years, and then we were gone. So they were not going to get anything out of it in the long term. Yet they taught us the biblical principle of tithing - that started with Abraham in the book of Genesis, went through from Leviticus to Malachi and is reaffirmed by Jesus in the Gospels. And what they taught us was that it is very easy to get into the habit of tithing when you don’t have very much. Just like with that millionaire going up to his vicar - it is very hard to start to tithe when 10% of your salary is a very large sum. It is ironically much easier to learn to do it when it is a little sum. The church had nothing to gain by teaching us the blessings and benefits of tithing, yet selflessly they taught us that, and I am very grateful to them

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