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In the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond, little Alley begins asking some questions about babies. Raymond, the father, gets nervous and refuses to answer her questions. Later on, Raymond realizes that he needs to answer his daughter’s questions. Raymond goes and gets all of the books to explain the birds and the bees. Raymond goes into Alley’s room and starts to tell Alley about the facts of life. Ally, not interested in the facts of life, throws Raymond off by asking, "Why are we born? Why has God put us here?" Ally goes on and asks, "If we all go to heaven when we die, why does God want us here first?"

First, we all don’t go to heaven when we die but this is a good question. Why does God want us here first? When a baby dies, we say that the baby goes to heaven. Why did God create us and put us on this earth, we suffer here and then we go to heaven to be with our Creator?

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