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Bishop Moore tells the story of a little boy who was swimming one day in a lake when suddenly he suffered some type of physical difficulty and could swim no farther. The boy struggled for his life. He had gone under twice, when he felt the strong arm of a man lifting him. The man had seen the little boy's desperate plight and had swum out to save him. The man took the boy safely to shore and, after making certain that everything was well, turned to leave. The little boy said, "Thank you, sir, for saving my life."

The man replied, "You're welcome, son. See to it that you are worth saving."

Bishop Moore said that he has never forgotten those words, for he was that boy whose life was saved by a man who didn't even leave his name.

A good question for the Christian to ask is, "Am I worth saving?" God in Christ has made a large investment in the life of each of us, and He has every right to expect a return of His investment.

—Gospel Herald—

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