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If Jesus Christ were here today, do you think He would serve on three church committees; drive in the car pool on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; attend two services on Sunday; manage a boys' organization; serve on the lunch committee at the local synagogue or church; and participate on several volunteer organizations in His spare time?

In doing all of that, even He might have trouble getting into the Word or having time to be in His Father's presence. I am convinced that if Jesus were here, His schedule would be a great deal different from ours.

It was clear from the example of our Lord, that all of the decisions of His life were made in light of His Father's will, and when we prioritize our lives in this regard, we have submitted to the lordship of Jesus Christ by making everything subservient to His direction.

— Encyclopedia of 15,000 Illustrations -

Which Disturbs You Most?

1. A soul lost in Hell...or a scratch on your new car?

2. Your missing the worship service...or missing a day's work?

3. A sermon ten minutes long ... or lunch a half hour late?

4. The church's not growing ... or the garden not growing?

5. Your Bible being unopened ... or your newspaper not read?

6. Your children being late for school ... or late for Sunday school?

7. The offerings decreasing ... or your income decreasing?

8. Your church work being neglected ... or your housework being neglected?

9. Missing a good Bible lesson ... or missing a favorite T.V. program?

— C.F. Banner —

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