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One of my favorite comedies is "Groundhog Day", a make-believe story about

a weather man, Phil Conners who has a bad attitude, even worse manners, and a razor tongue. He was was reporting on Groundhog Day from a small town he cared little about. The fuss the folks were paying to a groudhog he cared less

about, but he did care for the new and attractive producer.

After the shoot, they couldn¡¦t get out of town because of the bad weather.

To his horror, when he woke up the next day, he discovered that he had woken up to yesterday. He met the same people, did the same things, and

said the same things and ended up at the end of a promising day on a sour

note, where he had to start all over again the next day!

He tried many ways to beat the system, take advantage of what he knew the

previous day, but over and over he woke up to a new day after a terrible

mistake. Since he was going nowhere, he tried to woo the producer, and she

was smitten with him because he knew her likes and dislikes day by day, and

just as she was about to kiss him at the end of the day, she discovered he

was just a hypocrite mouthing words to win her, and she slapped him. She

slapped him for many recurring days, until he gave up trying to be who he was

not, learn new things like playing the piano, changed his attitude and just

enjoy the town and people and even the weather that left him there.

When that happened, the producer fell in love with the new Phil Conners, the

weather cleared up, and the next day was a new day.

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