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The Bible is about Jesus. He is pictured or prophesied about in each of the 66 books as well as in countless types in the lives of different characters in the Bible. Here is a breakdown of how He is pictured in each of the books...

O.T Book Main Revelation Key Prophecies* / Types of Jesus

Genesis The Seed of the Woman Messiah would be born of the seed of a woman (Gen 3:15, Luke 1:34-35)

Messiah would be a descendant of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob (Gen 12:3, 17:19, 28:14, Luke 3:23-34)

Messiah would be a king in the line of Judah (Gen 49:10, John 1:49)

Typified in the person of Melchizedek (Gen 14:18)

The life of Isaac - the sacrificed son (Gen 22)

The life of Joseph - the rejected brother (Gen 37)

Exodus The Passover Lamb Typified in the life of Moses - the deliverer

The Passover Lamb (Ex 12, John 1:29,36)

The Manna from Heaven (Ex 16, John 6)

The Rock struck at Horeb (Ex 17, 1 Cor 10:4)

The Tabernacle (Brazen Altar, Lampstand, Table of Showbread, Ark of the covenant etc) (Gen 25-30)

Leviticus The High Priest Typified in the sacrifices and offerings (Lev 1-7)

In the Jewish festivals (Passover, Atonement, Lev 16, 23)

In the scapegoat (Lev 16:7-9)

In the person and duties of the High Priest (Lev 16)

Numbers The Cloud and The Fire Messiah would be a King (Num 24:17)

Typified in the bronze serpent (Num 21:8-9)

The Water from the Rock (Num 20)

Deuteronomy The Prophet Like Moses Messiah will be a prophet (Deut 18:15-19, John 6:14)

Messiah would be worshipped by angels (Deut 32:43, Luke 2:13-14)

Typified in the cities of refuge (Deut 4:41)

Joshua The Captain of Our Salvation Typified in the person of Joshua (our leader into the promised land)

In the Promised Land

In the Commander of the Army (Josh 5:13-15)

Judges The Judge And Lawgiver Typified in the Judges (for He is true Judge of the living and the dead)

Ruth The Kinsman Redeemer Messiah would be a descendant of Boaz and Ruth (Ruth 4:12-17)

Typified in the life of Boaz - The Kinsman Redeemer (Ruth 2:1)

1 & 2 Samuel The Prophet of The Lord Messiah exalted by God with power (1 Sam 2:10, Matt 28:18)

Messiah would be a descendant of David (2 Sam 7:12-16, Matt 1:1)

Messiah would be the 'Rock' (2 Sam 23:2-3, 1 Cor 10:4)

Typified in the life of David - The King in Exile (1 Sam 22)

The life of Jonathon - the faithful friend (1 Sam 18:1-4)

1 & 2 Kings The Reigning King Typified in the life of Solomon (the Millennial Reign)

In the life and miracles of the prophet Elisha (multiplying bread 2 Kings 4:42, healing leper 2 Kings 5)

1 & 2 Chronicles Messiah would be from the tribe of Judah (1 Chron 5:2, Luke 3:23-32)

Typified in Solomon's temple

In the Wisdom of Solomon (2 Chron 9:22)

Ezra The Faithful Scribe Typified in person of Zerubbabel, the rebuilder of the temple (Ezra 4)

Nehemiah The Rebuilder of the Walls Typified in the person of Nehemiah, the rebuilder of the walls of salvation

Esther Mordecai Typified in the person of Mordecai

Job The Dayspring From on High Typified in the sufferings of Job and the blessings that would follow

Psalms The Lord Who Is Our Shepherd Messiah would be the Son of God (Ps 2:7, 12, Matt 17:5)

Messiah would be resurrected (Ps 16:8-10, Acts 13:30-37)

Messiah would be despised & crucified (Ps 22:6-8, 14, Luke 23:21-23, Matt 27:35)

Messiah would be hated without cause (Ps 69:4, Luke 23:13-22)

Messiah would be Lord, seated at the right hand of God (Ps 110:1,5, 1 Pet 3:21-22)

Messiah would be in the line of Melchizedek (Ps 110:4, Heb 6:17-20)

Messiah would be the 'stone' rejected by the Jews (Ps 118:22, Matt 21:42-43)

Key Messianic Psalms: Chapters 2, 8, 16, 22, 45, 69, 89, 109, 110, 118

Proverbs & Ecclesiastes The Wisdom of God Messiah would be from everlasting (Prov 8:22-23, John 17:5)

Messiah would be the Son of God (Prov 30:4, Matt 3:16-17)

Typified in the Wisdom of God (Prov 8:22-31)

Song of Solomon The Lover & Bridegroom Typified in the Bridegroom's love for, and marriage to, the bride

Isaiah The Suffering Servant Messiah would be born of a virgin (Is 7:14, Luke 1:34-35)

Messiah would be Immanuel "God with us" (Is 7:14, Matt 1:21-23)

Messiah would be God and Man (Is 9:6, John 10:30)

Messiah would have the 7-fold Spirit upon Him (Is 11:1-2, Matt 3:16-17)

Messiah would heal the blind, lame, deaf (Is 35:5-6, Mark 10:51-52)

Messiah would be proceeded by a forerunner (Is 40:3, Luke 1:17)

Messiah would be a light to the gentiles (Is 42:6, John 8:12)

Messiah would be despised by the Jewish nation (Is 49:7, John 10:20, Matt 27:23)

Messiah would be whipped and beaten (Is 50:6, Matt 26:67, 27:26)

Messiah would die as a guilt offering for sin (Is 53:10, John 18:11)

Messiah would be resurrected and live forever (Is 53:10, Mark 16:16)

Jeremiah & Lamentations The Weeping Prophet Messiah would be God (Jer 23:6, John 13:13)

Messiah would be a righteous Branch (Jer 23:5)

Messiah would be our righteousness (Jer 23:6, 1 Cor 1:30)

Ezekiel The Son of Man Messiah would be a descendant of David (Ez 34:23-24, Matt 1:1)

Daniel The Son of Man coming in the clouds of Heaven Messiah would be 'a son of man' given an everlasting kingdom (Dan 7:13-14, Luke 1:31-34)

Messiah would come 483 years after the decree to rebuild Jerusalem (Dan 9:25, John 12:12-23)

Messiah would be killed (Dan 9:26, Matt 27:35)

Revealed as the 'stone' (and His kingdom) that smashes the kingdoms of the world (Dan 2:34,44)

Typified in the 4th man in the fiery furnace - one like 'the son of gods' (Dan 3:25)

Hosea The Bridegroom Typified in Hosea's faithfulness to his adulterous wife (Hos 3)

Joel The Baptizer With The Holy Spirit Messiah will offer salvation to all mankind (Joel 2:32, Rom 10:12-13)

Messiah would baptize people with the Holy Spirit (Joel 2:28-32)

Amos The Burden Bearer God would darken the day at noon during Messiah's death (Amos 8:9, Matt 27:45-46)

Obadiah The Mighty Savior

Jonah The Forgiving God Typified in Jonah being 3 days and 3 nights in the belly of a fish (Jon 1:17, Matt 12:40)

Micah The Messenger With Beautiful Feet Messiah would be born in Bethlehem (Mic 5:2, Matt 2:1-2)

Messiah would be from everlasting (Mic 5:2, Rev:1-8)

Nahum The Avenger of God's Elect

Habakkuk The Great Evangelist, Crying For Revival Messiah would come from Teman at His return, full of glory (Hab 3:3)

Typified in the life of Habakkuk (his intercession and prayer for his people)

Zephaniah The Restorer of the Remnant

Haggai The Cleansing Fountain Messiah would visit the 2nd temple (Hag 2:6-9, Luke 2:27-32)

Zechariah The Pierced Son Messiah would be Priest and King (Zech 6:12-13, Heb 8:1)

Messiah would be ride into Jerusalem on a donkey (Zech 9:9, Matt 21:6-9)

Messiah would be God (Zech 11:12-13, John 12:45)

Messiah would be pierced (Zech 12:10, John 19:34-37)


The Son of Righteousness Messiah would appear at the temple (Mal 3:1, Mark 11:15-16)

Messiah's forerunner would come in the spirit of Elijah (Mat 4:5, Matt 3:1-2)

N.T Book Main Revelation Titles / Names Revealed of Jesus

Matthew The Messiah The Son of David (Matt 1:1)

The King of the Jews (Matthew 2:2)

The Son of God (Matthew 2:15).

The Bridegroom (Mattew 9:15)

Mark The Miracle Worker The Holy One of God (Mark 1:24)

The Servant (Mark 10:45)

The King of Israel (Mark 15:32)

Luke The Son of Man The Horn of Salvation (Luke 1:69)

The Consolation of Israel: (Luke 2:25).

John The Son of God The Only Begotten Son: (John 1:14,18)

The Lamb of God (John 1:29,36)

The Bread of life...

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