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One of our youth, Andrew Plasier, shared this true story about an uncle of his in South Dakota and what happened a few summers ago.

His uncle raised chickens, about 1200 of them, year round. In July the fans to the chickenhouse malfunctioned and stopped fanning the 1200+ chickens. The July heat killed the chickens and now the chickenhouse became a chicken mortuary.

The uncle had to find something to do with the chicken corpses. He took his backloader and dug an enormous hole on his property and dumped all 1200 chickens in a mass grave and covered it with dirt. R.I.P. poultry - or so they thought.

As the days went on in the hot July South Dakota sun, the packed down dirt covering the decomposing poultry started to grow and balloon upwards like an emerging volcano. Within a week, chicked parts erupted all over the farmyard. "It was disgusting." said Andrew.

In time, buried sin can do the same.

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