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Suppose I take my 2 year old to the doctor and he gets a shot in the arm and it really hurts. He doesn’t understand that the shot is to help him get better. All he knows is that shot hurt. And daddy just stood there. Doesn’t dad know how bad a shot hurts? Was he unable to stop the nurse from giving me the shot? So he gets all his friends together and tells them how painful his shot was and how powerless his dad was to stop it from happening. Is any of that true? Does his dad know how painful a shot is? Yes, of course, he’s had many. Was dad powerless to stop the shot? No, his dad brought him in for the shot and could have stopped it at any time. Doesn’t his dad care? Very much. He suffers to see his boy suffer, but he knows it’s for the child’s best. What’s the problem? A 2 year-old’s understanding is limited.

And as a child of God, my understanding is limited.

And as much as a toddler’s understanding is limited in comparison to mine, so is my understanding limited in comparison to God.

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