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I was surprised to learn that if you had a museum that contained the world’s stolen art, it would be one of the biggest in the world. It would contain 174 Rembrandt’s, 43 Van Gogh’s, over 500 Picassos, and works by Renoir and da Vinci. You may remember that a few years back someone stole Edvard Munch’s Madonna, valued at $15 million, and “The Scream” estimated at 75 million. With art that valuable why don’t they just lock it away in a safe? Because true lovers of art, long for art to be seen even at the risk of it being stolen.

There is nothing more valuable and beautiful than Jesus Christ and the saving message of the gospel. We long for Him to be seen and worshiped. We will surrender money so that others will see Christ. We will give up our rights if it means others will come to embrace the gospel. We...

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