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In 1502, in Florence, Italy there was a large block of marble given to a church in Santa Maria, the church immediately hired who they thought was a professional to sculpt this enormously huge piece of rock. The man was a professional and soon after commencing this great task the man drilled a hole right at the bottom destroying this magnificent piece of marble. So, the church decided just to drape a huge sheet over it not knowing what else to do, since it had been damaged beyond recognition and repair. A certain man, named Michangelo caught word of this large stone and how it has been destroyed, so out of curiosity he went to check it out and thought "Hey, I think I can do something here." After a time he began work and sculpted; and what was once thought to be a lost cause became one of the greatest statues of the biblical character of David ever built.

Many people today feel like a gigantic slab of marble -- perhaps battered and bruised -- perhaps lacking substance -- perhaps someone who has been discarded by certain people. But, in the capable hands of the Lord God Almighty, we can be molded into something beautiful.

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