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I read the prologue to a story called Girl in the Middle. The girl is Kim Satinsky who is in eighth grade. She says, "You would think that being in a clique is fun, but take my word for's not. They make me wear expensive things when I'm not really rich and tell me if something's really out. On the first day I wore expensive clothing and eye makeup and hung out with a clique, just 'cause it was the first day. Actually, I hung out with just one girl called Maddi Ryan and she introduced me to her friends. Now I'm "popular" and "in". I thought I would be grateful. But it's really hateful. I have to be real quiet with them or else they'd know I'm a geek at heart in disguise and throw me to the table near Austin F., the world's most annoying kid. But now they're pushing me to do things that I shouldn't, and it's getting serious. I don't know what's worse, getting involved with police or sitting near Austin."

It’s tough fitting in.

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