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At three years old, Mike Mays was accidentally blinded by a chemical explosion when he and his 4-year-old sister were playing in the garage. He lived his entire life until he was well into his forties before having his eyesight was restored by a pioneering ophthalmologist. But despite the fact that he was blinded at a young age, it seemed that his whole life was spent overcoming the obstacles that were presented by his blindness.

He learned to ride a bike, skate on a skateboard, play soccer, become an engineer, marry and have a family. He was so adept at walking by using an incredible sense of hearing that worked with echoes and how his brain interpreted those echoes. As a matter of fact most people were not even aware that he was blind until they would get close enough to him to see his eyes.

Robert Kurson tells the story in a book entitled Crashing Through. The title came about when Mike begin to describe his childhood and that when he would play on the playground or in pickup games of football with his neighborhood buddies that he was always having to “crash through” some obstacle or hindrance that prevented him from accomplishing what he wanted to do.

So it was with many scrapes, bruises, aches, and pains that Mike accomplished what he did with his life. But even then after he had the corrective surgery huge discouraging obstacles had to be endured. It was almost as if Mike’s brain did not know how to figure out spatial and peripheral visual fields...

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