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Have you ever noticed how things that look easy, never are? For years, I've alpine skied; but, I've always wanted to snowboard. I thought, boarding can't be all that different. How hard can it be? After all -- if my daughters could learn, so could I.

They picked up the sport rather quickly. And even though I had never strapped-in, I use to advise them on the "proper techniques of snowboarding." (Are you laughing yet?) "Just do this, and that," I'd say. The girls would get so angry with me. I guess I couldn't blame them.

Well, I strapped in for the first time, tried to stand, and immediately fell over. "One more time; I can do this," I declared. "One more time" became the slogan of the day. I can't tell ya how many times my pride was brought low as my face planted into the snow. As I fell forward for the last time, I started to sing Mac Davis' "It's Hard to Be Humble."

After we boarded the gondola, I looked at my daughters' and profusely apologized. As we rode home, I realized that sometimes humility "hurts" -- especially when we're brought low with a thump. So, before you have to "eat crow" like me, consider the way of humility; because, our pride can bring us painfully low.

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