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You want to know how bad it was to be a New Orleans Saints. Derland Moore, the Saints nose tackle from 1973 to 1985, once was asked what it was like to be a Saint, and said: "We were the league's doormats. When I went out and people would ask me if I played for the Saints, I would say no."

And now? You can’t go anywhere and not see Saints jerseys, t-shirts or hats being worn throughout the city. We have become the new America's team. In fact, Saints paraphernalia is the most popular item sold for the NFL in the last year. Why? Because everybody wants to be a winner and if you’re not a winner, you want to be associated with a winner.

So when God comes to Abram and says, "I will make your name great, Abraham," he saying, "Stick with me kid, we’ll go places together." In other words, we’ll do great things together and it will forever change who you are.

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