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Which is better, a bone or a steak?

Think of it this way. It’s easy to give a dog a bone, but it’s almost impossible to take a bone away from a dog. Even our little Schnauzer, Betsy, the world’s friendliest dog, will growl at me if I try to take a bone away from her.

But there’s an easy to way to take a bone away from a dog. All you have to do is offer a juicy steak to them. When you do that, the dog will evaluate and choose. In every case, they’ll give up the bone and take the steak.

The same is true of our relationships. If you’re single and dating someone who is an unbeliever, you might think it’s pretty good--but it’s a bone, and God has a steak for you, a relationship with Him. If you’re thinking about entering in to a business partnership with an unbeliever, it may look like a tasty bone, but your Heavenly Dad has a steak for you, a dynamic relationship with Him. We all desire someone’s presence, intimacy, and someone to care for us, but if we settle for having those needs met by someone other than God, we’re settling for the bone when God has something so much better for us!

(From a sermon by David Dykes, Radioactive Relationships, 8/12/2010)

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