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There were times when golf course etiquette was completely traded in for the ever popular "lose control and act like a madman" routine. There's something intriguing about watching a full grown man crumble to pieces over a tiny ball that's 1½ inches in diameter. I've seen guys thrown their club farther than they hit their ball out of sheer frustration and anger. I've seen them break their club over their knee. I've even seen people get so angry that they thrown their golf bag (clubs and all) into the nearest water hazard they can find.

This reminds me of a story of a group of golfers watching a fellow who was having some difficulty on this particular course. The frustration became too much by the 13th hole as this poor guy placed shot after shot into the pond that lay between him and the green that, finally in exasperation, he picked up his golf bag, spun around like a discus thrower, heaved the whole thing into the middle of the lake, and stormed off the course, apparently forever.

Moments later, however, he returned, and in complete embarrassment waded into the pond. He had 'come to his senses.' He fished out the dripping bag,...

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