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"Adam, where are you?" God cried as a now sin-tainted Adam and Eve vainly attempted to hide from Him. Adam had a plan: The fig leaves-an easy quick fix, a cover-up. They represent man fixing his sin on his own terms, the quick and easy way. Grab some leaves, cover it quickly. We can always get more, there’s plenty of leaves. I’m doing well and this should cover me just fine. "Here, Eve see I told you we could make this thing work out."

"Duveen, the famous English art connoisseur, took his little daughter to the beach one day, but could not get her to go into the chilly water. After persuasion failed, he borrowed a tea kettle, built a fire, and heated a little water until it steamed beautifully. With much flourish, he poured it into the ocean. Greatly impressed, his daughter went in without a murmur."

The foolishness of trying to cover our own sin is like trying to heat the ocean with a tea kettle!

( illustrations database. From a sermon by Mark Jones, The Doctrine of the Lamb I: The Revelation of The Lamb, 8/25/2010)

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