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You see, when we Christians do a poor job, then people don't want to have anything to do with our Christ. God's own name as well as the Christian faith itself is on the line. When we disrespect our supervisors, then our supervisors disrespect our Savior, and we become a detriment to people coming to Christ.

Some time ago, Chinese Pastor, Charles Chu, was in China with a tour group. Their tour bus was on the way to a scenic spot following behind another tour bus. It was snowing, and the road was muddy.

Suddenly the first bus skidded off the road and tipped over on its side in a rice field. Pastor Chu quickly jumped off his tour bus, ran to the overturned bus, and jumped on top. Windows were shattered, and people inside were obviously hurt. The emergency door was facing upward, so Pastor Chu grabbed the handle of the emergency door and pulled, but the door did not open. He kept pulling hard, but still it wouldn't budge.

By this time, others had come and were pulling people out through the windows, so Pastor Chu gave up on the door and joined them. After he moved away from the door, another man went over to the door. He turned the door handle, and the door opened easily.

Pastor Chu said, "I suddenly realized why the door did not open for me: I had been standing on the door as I tried to open it. With good intentions to save lives, I had become the biggest obstacle blocking the door of rescue." (Charles Chu)

In the same way, we who want to see people put their trust in Christ, we ourselves can become the biggest obstacle to their salvation. Please, don't stand on the Door of Life as you try to open it for others. Please, do your work well; value those for whom you work so that they too might come to know Christ as their Savior.

(From a sermon by C. Philip Green, A Worthy Work, 9/4/2010)

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