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I am learning some things about the FIRST WORLD WAR. Things like it was a TRENCH WAR in which both sides just looked at each other from trenches for most of the war. Often they did not see one another as enemies. The French would not fire on the Germans when they saw their fires from their cooking for meals. "It is common courtesy not to bother them while they are eating." The Germans talk about how a French soldier would smell their dinner and ask if he could join them. Night after night during dinner he would come over and sit and eat and then go back to his trench.

The Generals spoke of the greatest problem in the war was a LIVE AND LET LIVE attitude on both sides. They would rather relax, enjoy the weather, read books in the high grass than to fight with one another. ANYBODY KNOW THERE IS A WAR GOING ON?

AMERICA: Things like it wasn’t the fact that the Germans were attacking England and France that made us willing to fight in that war. In fact when the war started thousands of German-Americans went to join the German side.

America was in an economic boom and didn’t want to worry about an overseas war. We also weren’t willing to join the war when the Germans sank the Ocean Liner the Lusitania killing many Americans....

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