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Names convey a sense of who we are and how others relate to us. "The Lord has called Me from the womb; ...He has made mention of My name" (Isa. 49:1).

At the Korean Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, the people seldom refer to one another by their first name. They speak formally of each other and to each other--Mr. Kim, Mr. Pyen, Mrs. Hugh. "Only when we know people intimately do we use their first name."

When an Oriental shepherd was with the same flock for many years, he developed a close relationship with each animal. He would give them descriptive names like "Brown-leg" or "Black-ear." And they responded to his voice.

WHAT IS JESUS’ NAME FOR ME? FOR YOU? Mr. Kindness? Mrs. Grace giver? Sister Gossip? Brother Criticizer? Faithful or Fearful? Obedient One or Apathetic?

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