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A little boy was told by his father to wait on a corner by a department store, while the father had a tire changed on his car. It turned out that the car required more attention than the man had anticipated, and it took over an hour.

The father anxiously hurried back to get his little boy, and found the little fellow right where he had told him to stay. He said to the boy, "Did you think your daddy had forgotten about you?" "Oh, no," was the reply, accompanied by a smile of perfect trust, "I knew you would come just as soon as you could. I wasn't a bit worried. I stayed where you told me, and waited, and watched for you."

Dear child of God, worried and confused by present day world events, you, by the grace of your Lord, can be like that little boy. Have a perfect trust in Him, as you await His coming, watching and waiting in perfect obedience to Him. He has the "times and seasons" in command.

(Sunday School Times. From a sermon by Bill Butsko, The Coming of the Lord, 11/11/2010)

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