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This is one of my smoke alarms. (HIT BUZZER)

Annoying, isn’t it?

Now a smoke alarm is supposed to go off if the house is on fire. But mine goes off more often than that. Generally my smoke alarm goes off when I’m cooking (yes I’ve burnt my food). And when the smoke from burnt offering reaches this alarm it does this (BUZZER).

Now there’s this button here to shut off the alarm but when you burn your food, the button doesn’t really help. The smoke is still in the room and sets the alarm off all over again.

There’s only two ways to stop this alarm from going off in a smoky room

1. Remove the ALARM from the room

2. Remove the BATTERY from the alarm.

Now I’ve known of people who simply take the battery out… and just don’t replace it. They don’t want to be annoyed by that silly alarm. They don’t want to be troubled by it’s shrieking in their ears.

But if the house actually caught on fire the alarm wouldn’t go off...and the fire would destroy their home. But at least they wouldn’t be annoyed by the alarm. At least they wouldn’t be troubled by the warning.

But just because they’d removed the alarm doesn’t stop the house from burning down. They may have removed the offending noise of the alarm...but their home is in ashes.

In the same way - just because someone rejects the idea of hell doesn’t make Hell any less real. They might succeed in convincing people that Hell isn’t there...but it’s STILL there!

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