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We used to have a song leader in our church in Wiesbaden named Steve who whenever I saw him, I’d ask, “How’s it going Steve?”

His response was always the same--he’d say, “God is still on the throne!”

He was almost always happy and on top of things when he’d say that. But one day he came in discouraged, and when I asked, “How’s it going, Steve?” he replied, “Not too good Pastor.”

I don’t know why I said it, but without thinking I just asked, “What happened Steve? Did God step off the throne?”

He smiled sheepishly at me, straightened up and said, “No, Pastor, you’re right God IS still on the throne.”

What I thought might be a little bit of an insensitive statement was actually just what he needed to hear to help him through a difficult storm.

Are you going through a storm today? – Don’t worry, God hasn’t stepped off His throne!

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