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"Critics deny the accuracy of the description John gives. They cite the Mishnah requiring that trials be held in the daytime, that several days are required to try a capital crime, and that the accused not be directly questioned, among other details. However, exceptions were made when a riot might occur. This was certainly the case with Jesus. In addition, Pilate only tried cases from dawn to mid morning. Jews would not execute a man on the Sabbath, and therefore, if they were to get the deed done before the Sabbath, they had to have the sentence in time for Pilate to try Jesus in the morning.

"Josephus gives us some insight into a trial by Sadducees. 'The school of the Sadducees...are indeed more heartless than any of the other Jews...when they sit in judgment" (Ant. 20:9.1 & 199).

--from John's Rabbi, by Paul Wallace (Kindle)

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