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Brandon A. Bradley told his story in Pray! Magazine some time back about an opportunity in his life:

"I am a surgical assistant--the surgeon's right-hand man. At one point in my career, I lost my passion. I wanted a job with spiritual significance, and I prayed for that. Imagine my shock when God led me to a position in plastic surgery. Why would God want me in a hotbed of vanity? I wondered. During my quiet times, the Lord assured me that this was part of his plan, and that I should wait upon his direction. So I obeyed, continuing to pray that the Lord would use me in this job.

"The first thing I heard him say when I started my new position was, 'Gather and pray in my name.' There were only a few Christians who worked in the plastic surgery department, but I started with them. 'I'm going to start praying for our workplace each Monday, 15 minutes before we clock in,' I told them. 'I'll be in Operating Room 2, and I hope you will join me.'

"We met each week, praying for our work, our colleagues, and our patients. Soon we were praying boldly for opportunities to witness. By the end of that year, God had answered many prayers, which included 10 friends who accepted Christ as their savior. God has blown me away with his answers, and he has given me a purpose far beyond patient care. He expanded my circle of influence by transferring me to the main surgery department, where I now rotate through all four surgery departments in the hospital campus. I have been able to start several prayer groups throughout the hospital. Each group focuses on inviting the Holy Spirit to move in...

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