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This is how I imagine it was before Salome approached Jesus about one of the boys being at either side of him in his kingdom. Remember these two disciples were the "sons of thunder."

James: What do you reckon I’m sure that he'll be King soon and I want to sit on my throne at his right hand!

John: You can't sit there!

James: Why not?

John: Because that’s where I’ll be sitting!

James: That's what you think; I tell you what I'll arm wrestle you for it! I'll arm wrestle you for it!

John: You’re on then!

Their Mum: Ohi cut that out, now what's all this about boys?

James and John together: He said he was going to sit at Jesus right hand when he becomes king.

Their Mum: For crying out loud! One of you can sit at his right and the other at his left, if you’ll just zip it for five minutes we'll go ask him who is going to be sitting where. Once he's made up his mind I don’t want to hear another word and that’s final.

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