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What does it take to be turned around if you are a pretender? Dr. Nick Yphantides can help us. Although he was a true Christian he was living part of his life in a purely hypocritical manner.

Dr. Nick’s specialty was preventative medicine. Every day he was trying to help people live a healthier life. But his own life was anything but healthy. Dr. Nick struggled with his weight. His bathroom scale only went to 350 lbs. For some reason when he maxed out at that level he stopped thinking about his increasing weight. Finally he decided to buy two bathroom scales for each foot. He was shocked to discover that adding them both together he now weighed in at 467 lbs. Something had to be done. How could he give everyone else advice, but not take it himself. At age 31 he discovered he had cancer that required surgery. It was not until he faced his own mortality that he turned to God and asked for help.


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