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I used to work for the Post Office and when I became serious about the Lord, it must have really shown in my actions and words, because people all of a sudden began making fun of me and giving me snide comments.

At times it was difficult, but I remained steadfast in my faith. I tried not to talk too much on the job about the Lord, letting my actions reflect my "new" self. Pretty soon, I began to notice that when something bad happened to those people who scoffed at me, they would come up to me and quietly ask me if I would pray for them or for a particular situation. Some would even say that since I "had an in with God" my prayers would probably be answered.

The moral of this is to remember that no matter what the world throws at you, and no matter how difficult it might seem at times - if you remain diligent, you will eventually be seen as the victor and not the victim.

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