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Broken Vessels Wanted

(David Robb)

My tears of weeping are pleasing to the Lord. My cries of emptiness are a song to His heart. He is pleased with me when I am broken, because, what He desires most of me is a broken spirit and a humble heart.

He desires that of me because, with a broken vessel, he is assured that it will always be empty enough for Him to pour into; to fill over and over again. And what He pours into a broken vessel must be released to others around it; for good or for bad...there is no avoiding that.

Like the vessels of the Zaraphathian woman of 1 Kings, and the prophet’s wife in 2 Kinggs, when there is no more need, no emptiness; the pouring stops. As long as there is need; asl long as there is room in the urn, there is oil pouring; pouring from Him.That’s why He over-joys with broken vessels. It’s why He wants you ’imperfect,’ because wthat is the found of His filling. He cannot fill perfect jars, they are not able to receive his oil bcause they are already filled with his old pouring, or they are filled with themselves and have replaced oil for soil, to serve only as a decoration, and not anything really least not for His intended purpose. It’s why he told his disciples, “the perfect do not need a physician; it’s only the broken who need me.” The perfect vessel cannot receive what I have. Worse, yet, is that if poured into, that perfect vessel would never leak to those around it. It would be held in safety to be used to it’s own advantage alone.

It wasn’t the stature of a religious man hosting Jesus in him home, but the tears of a prostitute at the feet of jessus weeping tears of worship that caused the host of heaven to shout rejoicing that one had come home. It wasn’t the merciful claim of judas trying to save resources; but perfume poured by one who had been broken and had been filled up with His mercy and forgiveness, that most stirred the heart of who thought it a small thing to give a year’s wages in worship to Him.

He desires the...

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