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"I found one!"

The inquisitor held up a Bible and hollered out, "Bring in the mayor and his family. Someone is studying the Bible in this house!"

In the 16th century, Philip II sent the Duke of Alba to Flanders to stamp out the Protestants who insisted on reading the Scriptures on their own language. Anyone found doing so was executed.

Everyone in the mayor's family claimed they knew nothing about the Bible -- except for a young maid-servant. She boldly declared "I am reading it."

The mayor tried to defend her by saying she only owned it but didn't read it. Yet the girl boldly said, "I am reading it, and it is more precious to me than anything."

She was sentenced to die by suffocation. A place was to be dug out in the city wall, she would be tied in it, and the opening would then be bricked over.

On the day of her execution an official tried to change her mind. She replied, "My Savior died for me. I will also die for Him."

As the bricks were laid higher and higher she was warned again. "You will suffocate and die in here!" "I will be with Jesus," she answered.

Finally, the wall was finished, except for the one brick that would cover her face. For the last time, she was told "Repent -- just say the word and you will go free." Instead she said, "O Lord, forgive my murderers."

The brick was put in place.

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