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In those times in our lives when we receive big news, whatever that might be, our minds are forever imprinted with the emotion and excitement captured in that moment. We hear of an upcoming marriage, a baby on the way, an acceptance to school, whatever it might be – and those big moments leave a mark in our minds.

In 2010, Drew Brees – quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, had that kind of moment as he celebrated a Super Bowl win. As he stood with his son lifted up high in the air, he said, "I stood there with my little boy, and I was overwhelmed. I told Baylen how much I loved him and how much he meant to me and what an inspiration he was to me. I thought of my mom, who I believed was smiling down from heaven, and all my family and friends who were there watching. 'We did it, little boy. We did it!'"

In that landmark moment for Drew Brees' career, that image of him holding his son up in the...

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