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First of all, let’s establish one immutable fact--we all have to run; we have no choice. An intelligence far above our own; and the circumstances which have been placed upon us, dictate that we all must run just to survive.

Out on the grassy plains of the African Savannah lives the graceful and beautiful gazelle. Every morning, upon waking from its night of rest, even the youngest of gazelles knows that it must be ready to run. He must try to outrun all of the other gazelles for it is always the slowest and weakest among the herd that will be caught and eaten by the lions. He must determine to run faster than the slowest gazelle and faster than the fastest lion, or he may not survive this day.

A short distance away, a lion awakes from his night of rest. He is king of the beasts, fearing no animal on the savannah, yet this lion knows that he must awake every day prepared to run to survive. He must be faster than every other lion in the pride, or be left alone to starve. He must faster than the slowest of gazelles, or he will not have food to eat.

The moral of the story is this--no matter whether you are the most graceful gazelle or the most powerful lion, you have to get up every morning ready to run. You must run, or you will not survive. And every day that you and I live, we are running a race for survival. A force greater than ourselves has already dictated that life should be filled with running.

After the fall of man, God dictated the terms of our existence; and in so doing, also dictated how that every living thing on earth, both man and animal, must maintain their existence.

(From a sermon by James May, Running in Circles, 4/10/2011)

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