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THE CROSS HAS BEEN SAVED--Communion Meditation

Art Toalston in The Baptist Press - Nov. 15, 2001 reported from New York and he wrote:

“The cross has been saved. That’s the cross of steel beams uncovered as workers in New York cleared away debris at the World Trade Center.

Recovery worker Frank Silecchia, who has championed the cross’ preservation, told Baptist Press Nov. 6, the cross has been designated as a memorial by the City of New York.

The cross has been moved to the front of the World Financial Center’s Building Six on West Street, Silecchia said, noting that is final location has not yet been determined.

The beams, at least 6 feet high and four feet wide, were bolted together as part of the original structure. The edges of the beams bear no marking of being cut or welded to make the shape of a cross.

The most heart-wrenching discovery was that a silver object melted onto the cross’ left side was the remains of a firefighter’s jacket who died in the blast. Firefighters say the fire-resistant jacket turned silver and took on the look and consistency of metal when it encountered extreme heat and fire. Now it is wrapped around the left arm of the cross."

No one but God could have orchestrated such a loud cry of spiritual truth from the chaos of the 9/11 events. Out of the mass destruction of an unbelievable horrible day, the cross is resurrected. From the bottom of an enormous pile of rubble comes the symbol that clearly reminds us that everything is going to be okay.

When we practice the Lord’s supper, we are resurrecting a cross in the midst of our own pile of sin and disaster. We are vividly reminded that everything is going to be okay in the end.

"Through the Son, then, God decided...

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