6-Week Series: Against All Odds

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Nancy told me the other day that, not too long ago, she overheard Graham praying. Here he was, near the end of his life, beset with a failing body more than nine decades old, and what was he praying for? His country. Your country. Mine. He fought for this country. He served this country. He loved this country. But, like Jesus, he saw this country’s people--people he loved, people God loves--he saw them, "harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd."

And what could he do? He couldn’t fight anymore. He couldn’t serve in public office anymore. But he knew that, as long as God gave him breath, he must do something. And so he prayed. He prayed for God not to abandon us or our country. He prayed for the people of this land, that they would rise up in full stature. He prayed for our values and the convictions that will sustain us. He prayed not just for freedom--though that is one of the prized ideals of our great nation--but he prayed for the responsibility that attends freedom. He talked to God because he understood and shared God’s vision for this world. Graham was on board with God.

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