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I remember when I was an assistant pastor in TN visiting a man who had lived his whole life in sin and selfishness. He finally came to the Lord in his sixties. When he was diagnosed with cancer, I went to visit him at his home shortly before his death.

The day I was there, he was in a reminiscent mood. But I didn't hear a soliloquy about "the good ol' days" like I expected. It was more like a confessional. The old man shared with me how before he came to the Lord"

* he had neglected his family for his job

* how he had not been there for his children like he ought to have been

* how he had not trained up his children in the Lord, or even with any real character

* how he had squandered opportunities to make his life count by doing good to others or serving God

* how he had lived for sin and pleasure and popularity and making money and accumulating material things.

I recall that during our conversation, he suddenly grew very quiet. Sensing some inner struggle, I too sat silently--pensively awaiting his next words, pondering the things he had shared with me, frankly not knowing quite...

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