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Shortly after Charles Darwin and his wife Emma were married, Emma wrote Charles a letter. In her letter Emma warned Darwin about believing things that can’t be proved and of recognizing the limitations of our minds... That there are things "which if true are likely to be above our comprehension." She then warned of the danger of giving up on revelation, that is, the Bible. This heartfelt letter made such an impression on Darwin that he wrote at the bottom of the letter, "When I am dead, know that many times, I have kissed & cryed (sic) over this. C.D."

That is a very telling statement. It shows us that when it comes to the idea of evolution, there is more going on than science. Evolution is as much a matter of faith as it is of science. This is why Darwin kissed and cried. Unlike other theories that have been proved with experimentation, evolution is unobservable. This is something that all evolutionists recognize, and that makes it very different from other branches of science. Evolutionists refuse to consider any other explanation for the origin of life, even though there are just as many reasons to say that life has been designed as there are to say that it has evolved. Is evolution good science, or is it a belief that people prefer because they don’t want to deal with God? That is a question that will never go away.

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