Sermon Illustrations


Mary Campbell of Elgin, Illinois that had to say "I do" three times at three different weddings before she finally became Mrs. Randy Peterson. The couple took out their wedding license in Kane County and made all the arrangements for their wedding at a church in Ontarioville. It was a beautiful wedding, but the church was in Du Page County, not Kane County, and they were told the ceremony didn't count.

They packed up their wedding party and moved on to a park on the edge of Elgin. They were married the second time in the shaded park with its quaint bridge over a quiet lagoon. However, an editor at the Elgin Daily Courier-News reading a report on the wedding noticed that the park they were married in the second time was in Cook County, about 200 feet from the Kane County line.

The third ceremony took place in the newsroom of the Courier-News, a good mile inside the Kane county line. They were finally married in the eyes of the law.

Problems with weddings are not NEW.

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