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In June 2010, my wife and I and another Pastor and his wife and three young adults travelled to Kenya for a two week Mission Trip. As I led this trip, I was praying each day and night that all will be well and safe. The team never travelled to Africa before and were all excited. But in my heart, I was somehow nervous because travelling nowadays is very scary.

The journey was safe and all of us arrived safely in Nairobi. We met our host Pastors waiting for us and our transportation team ready to take us to the mission field. In my heart was the concern for the safety of the team and their health for the two weeks we were to stay over there. But, God proved to me that it is not me who was in charge of the team but Him. He guarded us and protected us tremendously. None of us was ever sick neither scratched by anything on our bodies. We all returned to the States well and healthy.

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