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As bad as it is to hear foul words, it is worse to speak them.

A nobleman went to see how Josiah Wedgwood made his SUPERB POTTERY. A young apprentice was told to give the guest a tour of the factory. As they walked through the plant, the visitor began to use foul language, ridicule the Bible, and make light of sacred things. At first the young man was shocked, but after a while he began to laugh at the man's remarks. Wedgwood, who had joined them, was greatly disturbed by what he saw happening to his apprentice.

At the end of the tour, the nobleman asked if he could purchase a particular vase that he admired. Wedgwood told him that it had taken many hours to produce its exquisite shape and color. As he handed the beautiful vase to his visitor, he deliberately let it crash to the floor.

Cursing angrily, the nobleman said, "That's the one I really wanted, and now it's shattered because of your carelessness."

"Sir," said Wedgwood, "there are things more precious than any vase. I can make another vase, but you can never give back to my helper the innocent heart you've degraded by your profanity!"

Even though God can cleanse and restore, evil influences may leave a lasting impression. Therefore let's stay alert to the subtle and destructive influences all around us.

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