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"Boli Zhang, a young Chinese writer, was born in Heilong Jiang Province in China. He studied writing at the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Beijing University. His news reporting had won several literature awards in mainland China and Taiwan.

In 1989, Zhang participated in the pro-democracy movement of Tiananmen Square. He was among the 21 student leaders who were wanted by the Chinese government after "June Fourth." Zhang fled to the Soviet Union and was sent back by the KGB.

In his journey to escape, Zhang was surrounded by ice and snow. When he was near death, God saved him. After that, Zhang lived a savage life in the forest of northeastern China for two years.

In June of1991, Zhang landed in Hong Kong and eventually came to the United States later. He became a visiting scholar in Princeton University. During Christmas of 1995, Zhang heard God’s call and entered Logos Evangelical Seminary in Los Angeles.

Since that time he has determined to witness for the Lord by proclaiming Christ. In 1999, he became one of the pastors in Home of Christians, East Los Angeles. He is one of the most welcomed evangelists in the Chinese churches in Taiwan, Southeast Asia and North America. (You can hear him speak at First Baptist Church of Burlingame on June 7, 8, 9. Let me know if you’re interested.)

Former president of the United States, George Bush, praised Boli Zhang as "the bravest man."

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi called him a modern "Robinson."

Yet Zhang responded to this praise by saying, " I am only a sinner who received grace from God."

A grace-sustained life is a relationship with God that depends on God to do what we cannot do. Only God could have given Zhang the courage, perseverance and provisions to survive and thrive through those hardships and to humbly testify of God’s grace.

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