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Live in a Way That Glorifies God

Dan Blocker was my favorite character, Hoss, on the TV series Bonanza. When he died unexpectedly, Hoss died. The producers knew they could not replace him. The story was that woman was caught in a flood. Hoss held her above the water with one hand and held a branch with the other to keep them from being washed away. He died, but he never let go. He died, but she lived.

Fans almost mourned for the fictional character, but they agreed it was a fitting way for Hoss to die.

In the 80's, I saw an article about a new TV series, Bonanza, the Next Generation. The story was that the original Cartwrights were dead. Ben’s brother ran the Ponderosa. For various reasons, Adam’s son, little Joe’s son, and Hoss’ son were coming there to live.

Hoss died without marrying. The new series said he had a illegitimate son and died before bringing the mother to the Ponderosa.

Test audiences were scheduled with fans of the original series. They were furious. Ben had three sons by three wives. Maybe he had another son somewhere. Adam, sometimes a scholar and sometimes a Casanova, may have had an illegitimate son. If Joe had an illegitimate son, no one would be surprised. But Hoss? HOSS???...

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