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David’s life story is an amazing story of the extremes one person can face in a lifetime:

• Early years extremes:

o From seclusion to fame

o From being a nobody to a somebody.

o From forgotten to living legend

o From least to greatest

o From the runt of the family to the most powerful

o From seclusion to popularity

o From the pasture to the palace

o From poor to rich

• The middle years extremes:

o From fame to shame

o From somebody to a fugitive

o From hero to fugitive.

o From hero of Israel to outlaw

o From celebrated to despised

o From loved to hated

o From man of honor to liar

o From security to insecurity

o From hero to villain

o From applause to boo’s

o From married to separated

o From royalty to fugitive

o From riches to poverty

o From sanity to insanity

o From respected to disrespected

o From loyal servant to traitor

• The later years extremes;

o From a fugitive to a king

o From running for his life to running a nation.

o From the cave to palace

o From outlaw to the law giver

o From little to much

o From disrespected to respected

o From saint to sinner

o From blessed to cursed

o From giver to thief

o From man of honor to man of dishonor

o From lover to murderer

o From pure in heart to wicked heart

o From rebuked to repentance

o From repentance to forgiveness

o From father to fatherless

o From functional family to dysfunctional family

o From King to fugitive

o From respect to disrespect

o From fugitive to king again

o From Secure in God to security in numbers

o From Life to Death.

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