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This past Tuesday morning I had finally settled down into my easy chair to read the daily news paper. As always, I turned to the editorial section of which is one of favorites, besides the daily “Frank and Ernest” cartoon. There I found a very interesting Readers Commentary entitled, “Catholic Lifestyle is Counter Cultural Today,” written by a Mount Savage resident, Nancy E. Thoering.

One of the paragraphs jumped off the page at me as I read her commentary about not just living a Catholic lifestyle but living a Christian lifestyle as well. Her statement just kept sticking with me as I continued to read the rest of the morning paper, to the point that I returned again to the editorial page and re-read the entire commentary.

The paragraph that really spoke to me and I now share with you is this: “Faith, after all, is a way of life, Church is our springboard into the mystery of God, where we strive to live by His commandments and prepare to return to Him in eternity.” She then continues: “For Christians, adhering to God means embracing Christ’s cross and hoping to share in His resurrection.”

In a nutshell, Ms. Thoering’s commentary was about how times have changed and that we as Christians have altered the state of our belief systems to become politically correct and culturally acceptable. What do you think?

Have we become so impatient with life that we will do whatever it takes to be accepted, even if it means going against the grain of our Biblical-based faith? Have we become so lost in our worldly culture that we are willing to forego our belief system in order to gain social acceptance? Where do you and I and the entire church stand when it comes to the temptations of this world to engage in the idol worship of status and prestige?

(Quote from Ms. Thoering’s “Reader’s Commentary” in the July 12, 2011 Cumberland Times-News, Cumberland, MD)

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