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The problem is we are so accustomed to sin we do not recognize it's gravity.

I once read the news account of the two Lake Worth, Florida, high school boys. They were suspended from school because they ate so much garlic that no one could stand to have them around. They had read that garlic has properties for cleansing blood and lowering blood pressure. So they each ate half a head of garlic. The next morning for breakfast both students consumed three or four more heads of garlic. When the teachers and students complained about their odor, the boys simply laughed and went on eating garlic. When confronted by school officials, one of the boys stated that it couldn't be all that bad because, "We're blowing in each other's face, and we couldn't smell garlic." They were so accustomed to the garlic, they were desensitized to the smell.

Similarly, we become so accustomed to a world and a heart of sin, that we fail to grasp the depth, the stench, of our sin.

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