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I hear the word camping and run for cover. Through the daily writings most of you know that a number of weird things happen to me. How much more in the open woods. Of all the times I camped OUTSIDE I have never had a good experience. If there are 1,000 people in a field and 1 mosquito, guess who will get bit? I once had so many bites on my head that my glasses wouldn’t fit!

Bugs are another vermin that I choose not to be around. I was in a store once looking at potted plants. As I bent down to look at something on the floor a large fern was hanging above me. Well when I stood up the fern touched the back of my neck. In a millisecond I screamed, grabbed the plant and all the dirt and pulled it down. That is in the safe confines of the store. Can you imagine me in the woods with a real bug?

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