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What Really Matters

It was two weeks before Christmas and it began to start. Everyone was scrambling and rushing to get to Wal-Mart. Their credit cards were in the orange and checking account in the red in hopes that their rich uncle would soon be dead.

Old Saint Nick sitting high on a mountain top watching, waiting with a smile because, he knows the sales will bring shivers and grins to the rich folks in just a little while.

Mommies and Daddies go to cocktail parties and Daddy drinks away the pain. While their teenage kids take drugs to do the same.

A homeless man is cold and holding up a sign, “I lost my job would you kindly spare a dime. I’ve got a wife and little boy who always depended on me but, all seems hopeless so we had to turn to charity.”

Our leaders gave our jobs to the foreign lands to make the economy strong so we could still stand but, we depended on God in the past for wrongs and what’s right but, now it seems God gets farther from our site.

It seems it’s going to take more than just knock some buildings down and take over three thousand lives to turn to a Saviour who can turn our lives and country around.

It was little baby Jesus who was born over two thousand years ago the one wrapped in rags in a stable the free gift of life not with a fancy bow.

It was God in the flesh who grew into a man to die for...

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